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Our Story

Joshua D Philips comes with an extensive experience of almost 18 years in the Learning & Development industry. He has had an elaborate career stint in various sectors, ranging from, Hospitality, Customer Service, BPO, Sales and Service Excellence. With Certifications in Leadership Development, Personality Empowerment, Sales Skills, Voice & Accent, Behavioral Sciences & Spoken English, Joshua has created a niche for himself in the vast Training Industry! 

Many IELTS coaches combine IELTS preparation with General English – but this is an unproductive strategy, and the student’s efforts become diluted. Our intensive one-to-one coaching with Joshua is far better, enabling students to focus completely on the IELTS exam, and to achieve their full potential in the exam!

Joshua D Philips is also a certified Life Coach and a Specialist in Behavioral Sciences. He has also earned a diploma in NLP and Motivational Empowerment.

Joshua follows a unique methodology to Coach his students, and all of his coaching sessions are based on his personal life experiences and lessons! Through this, he establishes a “bond of trust” and ensures that the Learning creates a positive change in an individual’s life, not just mentally but also in the physical realm. Joshua left a successful corporate career to pursue his passion – To Enable & Empower people to achieve their Life Goals and he is quite successful in his endeavors.

We have partnered with individuals and organizations to consult, assess, design, develop, deliver, reinforce, and sustain learning solutions.

We Offer Specialized Online Courses in:

  • IELTS – General & Academic
  • PTE
  • Leadership Development
  • Soft Skills & Behavioural Sciences
  • Voice & Accent – Accent Neutralization
  • Team & People Management Skills
  • Sales Methodologies
  • Life & Wellness Coaching Counselling


As a Master Of Ceremonies, Joshua is one of the most sought after Host & Anchor for Corporate Events, Conferences & Weddings. He has the poise and stage presence to start, conduct, and conclude a formal ceremony for a group or community. He is recognized for his credibility, integrity, service, and sense of humor. He is an expert in setting the intellectual and emotional tone for the events. He is also a member of the International Toastmasters Club.

Our Team

The Team at Wizzdom Hub strongly believes and practices its Mission Statement “Impacting Minds, Changing Lives”.

Along with Joshua D Philips, The Wizzdom Hub Team comprises of Training Specialists who are domain experts to specific Industries such as Hospitality, Education, Sales and Customer Service. Our Trainers conduct Online Courses and External Workshops for Organizations and Educational Institutions.

Be it an Organization or an Individual, when it comes to making a change or taking up a challenge, most of the time We Fail, Most Strategies Fail. Almost always, the biggest challenge that the organization faces is getting their people to work together to execute.

That’s the challenge Our Team at Wizzdom Hub is equipped to address.

Most consulting firms focus on the organization, not the people, and most coaching focuses on people, not the organization or business outcomes.  We focus on both.  We have the expertise, capability and deep commitment to ensuring that both succeed together.

We work in partnership with our clients to effectively execute their strategies or change initiatives, and we do it through their people. We identify and close the gaps that get in the way of people contributing their best to the organization.  We strengthen leaders and their teams – making them more aligned, more accountable, more creative, more collaborative – all with an extreme focus on the outcomes that are most important to the organization.

Corporate Leadership – We help people work together to achieve something BIG.

Life Coaching – We enable an Individual to discover the greatness within themselves & empower them to achieve their GOALS!

We, at Wizzdom Hub help you understand how to master your inner game; so that your outer game and results align with the internal vision you have for your life and family! It’s definitely worth it with us!