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“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you; than you see in yourself, and helps bring out the best in you”

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Wizzdom Hub provides leading edge Knowledge Solutions for various programs and over the years, we have emerged as the sought after destination for Test Preparation, Language Proficiency and Career Guidance for working professionals and students as well.

 We are a Team of Go-getters, with a Stong Passion to Empower & Enable people and organizations to reach the Zenith of Success.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.

– Albert Einstein

Our Specialties

We offer specialized training courses, from Basic level to Advanced, in the areas of Language, Career, Communication, and Skill Development especially relevant to today’s generation.

Customized Study Plan

Students are trained based on their strengths and weaknesses through a tailor-made study plan.

Diagnostic tests to know your current capability.

Greater focus on weak areas.

Mock Test Series

Comprehensive mock tests after the completion of every module in all the courses

Module, Section and Complete mock tests.

Evaluation and feedback after every test.

Performance based action plan.

Our courses- Add all the courses.

Private Online Mentor

Learn the most from 1-to-1 training sessions over Skype and Zoom.

Individual Attention. Doubt Solving Sessions.

Regular evaluation and constant feedback.

Impacting Minds, Changing Lives

Online Versus Classroom Teaching

  • Online Sessions
  • Classroom Sessions

Individual Attention– The “Impact of Learning” and “The Power of Understanding” is greater when the “Knowledge is Imparted Individually” with each student!

The Course is conducted till the Student Achieves Results – For the best results, our Online Sessions are conducted as “one-on-ones” spread across a period of 30 hours or more. The Course continues until the Student reaches the level of Performance wherein they are skilled & equipped to take the Test.

Modules and Tests Vary for Each Student– Study Material, Practice Sheets, Learning Videos, E-books, Tips and Tricks to crack the Test and much more will form a part of the Course agenda.

Flexibility in Daily Schedules– We understand that all our students are either working professionals or studying and may miss a scheduled class. In such cases the student has the flexibility of attending the class the next day. We also adjust the timings if we have the slots available for any given day.

The Classroom Training Sessions are mostly overloaded with students, therefore getting individual attention and guidance as per the students learning requirements and pace is not possible.

The Classroom Training Sessions have a specified start and end date for the course, however our Online Courses are extended beyond the end date if the Student hasn’t reached the desired standards of performance.

The Classroom Training Sessions follow a generic module, the same for all the students attending the Course; however our Online Courses and Modules are customized based on an individual’s “Areas of Development”.

The Classroom Training Sessions always provide the same study material, worksheets and Assessments for all Students who attend the Course; however our Online Coaching provides customized study material, worksheets and Assessments for each of our Students.

Videos & Testimonials

5 Programs

Train the Trainer & Coaching Dynamics

Wizzdom Hub offers Train the Trainer Courses, for existing professional trainers and industry newcomers alike. You will also learn and be able to gain the skills needed to manage corporate training programs that align with your company’s goals – now and in the future by developing core competencies that will allow you to demonstrate your expertise in training management!

Sales & Power Selling Strategies

From prospecting and opportunity management to consultative selling, virtual selling, negotiation, account development, and sales management, Wizzdom Hub's training programs have your sales team covered! The Team has trained hundreds of sellers, sales managers, leaders, and professionals to help them improve sales skills and increase sales significantly.

Soft Skills & Interpersonal Skill Development

Wizzdom Hub is a great place to cover business communications, public speaking, critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork, and visual presentations. You can also brush up on skills such as Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work. These become the transferable skills as a part of personality traits that can follow you throughout your career!

Personality Enhancement & Image Management

Joshua & his Team are a pro in guiding, mentoring, educating and training people on managing their appearance-clothing, grooming and body language including etiquette to create positive and powerful first impressions to get more opportunities in life. We help our clients project a winning image to create positive first and everlasting impressions.

Leadership & Corporate Ethics

With this module, you can develop the ability to recognise competing values within your organization and an understanding of how psychological, organzational, and cultural forces influence ethical behaviour. Hone your capacity to take a stand and offer a justification for your decisions and gain the knowledge and tactics to design procedures and processes.

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Why Choose Us?

We empower you with the State-of-the-Art Learning Experience which will enable you to achieve your Life Goals and set you on the Path to Success!

Our Courses are custom made for each Student – No, we do not offer you a generic Course which is the same for all students. When you opt for a Course with us, we will first evaluate your Skills and determine what exactly is required

Learn On the Go, or from the Comfort of your home –We provide Live One-on-One Online Coaching which gives you the opportunity of connecting from anywhere using your laptop or even a smart phone.

Physical Classroom Sessions – We use innovative methods of Learning like 3D virtual Environment for Physical Classroom Workshops widely conducted for Corporates and Educational Institutions.

What Our Clients Say

We, at Wizzdom Hub help you understand how to master your inner game; so that your outer game and results align with the internal vision you have for your life and family! It’s definitely worth it with us!